The mammography laboratory is equipped with a Selenia mammograph, which is one of the most modern mammography systems in the world, one of the few in Poland and the only one in the Wielkopolska province.



  • diagnostic mammography


  • preventive mammography

Preparation for examination

Preparation for examination: the most appropriate time to perform the test – a few days after menstruation. Comfortable clothing on the day of the examination is a two-piece clothing. It is not recommended to use on the day of the test: deodorant, talc, balm or cream near the upper half of the body.


Mammotomic biopsy is a new method of collecting material for histopathological examination, which thanks to the stereotactic biopsy system, locates the change very precisely and is additionally used to remove small changes completely along with a margin. The mammotomic biopsy does not require stitching and leaves only a small 3mm scar. Conducting the procedure does not require hospitalization. You will receive detailed information in the Main Registration Desk on the ground floor.

You can get the MMRTG examination results in the Telephone Registration near the mammography lab on the ground floor. The results can be collected personally by the patient or by a person authorized in writing. In case of pregnancy, it is necessary to inform the person conducting the examination!

If the mammography screening reveals an abnormality in the image and further diagnostics will be needed, the new mammography machine will allow a breast mammotomy biopsy because it is equipped with the latest technological solutions used in today’s mammography.