The Department of Hematology specializes in the diagnostics and treatment of patients with blood diseases, also known as oncohematologic, suffering from neoplastic diseases of the hematopoietic system (leukemias, lymphomas, myelomas). Each of the treatment rooms is equipped with two modern, automated beds and its own sanitary unit. In addition, the department has four single isolation rooms with immune locks. We run diagnostics of the full profile of blood diseases, as well as we perform biopsies and morphological tests of the bone marrow, trepanobiopsy, immunophenotypic and cytochemical tests. We have our own medical equipment, such as a flow cytometer, optical microscope, hematological and biochemical analyzers. We also have our own specialized diagnostic base: we perform comprehensive examinations in the following laboratories: endoscopy, radiology (including ultrasound examinations on high quality equipment), computer tomography and magnetic resonance. Those who suffer from chronic blood disorders can benefit from the care of the Hematology Outpatient Clinic located in Ars Medical, where treatment is continued. Medical and nursing staff have high professional qualifications, which are successively raised during specialized courses and trainings. We provide good and professional medical and nursing care.


Paweł Wiszniewski M.D., PhD

Head of the Department

Kotecka Joanna M.D.

Małgorzata Zyg – Standio M.D.

Mieczysława Połyniak

Departmental Nurse

Elżbieta Czechowska M.D.

The condition for hospitalization of the patient as part of the National Health Fund (NFZ) insurance is to present a referral issued by the doctor of health insurance, and medical indications resulting from the disease entity.

Doctor’s room – 67 211 81 55

Nurse’s room – 67 211 81 56

opening hours: 800-1400