In the Oncology and Chemotherapy Department we provide the following services: diagnosis and treatment of cancer, treatment with cytostatics (chemotherapy), treatment of post-chemotherapy complications. Patients admitted to the ward have a full range of diagnostic tests and they undergo additional diagnostics during treatment if necessary. We also provide consultations of many medical specialists. We co-operate with the Wielkopolska Centre of Oncology in Poznan, and specialist supervision over the branch is carried out by the Regional Consultant of Clinical Oncology. Medical and nursing staff have high professional qualifications, which are successively raised during specialized courses and trainings. We provide good and professional medical and nursing care.


Renata Surma-Włodarczyk M.D.

Head of the Department

Anna Raźniewska-Kłos MSc

Departmental Nurse

Dagmara Troczyńska M.D.

Aleksandra Jasińska M.D.

Maciej Jankowski M.D.

Natalia Frąckowiak M.D.

The condition for hospitalization of the patient under the National Health Fund (NFZ) insurance is to have a referral to the hospital from the oncologist. The next stage of qualification for hospital treatment in the Oncology and Chemotherapy Department is a medical examination made by our oncologist, who also decides about the inclusion of cytostatic treatment.