In the Rehabilitation Department, we ensure the achievement of the therapeutic goal through the implementation of systemic rehabilitation and improvement. Benefits are usually provided for the following medical indications: paralysis and paresis after nervous system injuries, developmental age scoliosis of various etiologies, conditions after prolonged immobilization, degenerative changes of joints of various etiologies, spine pain syndromes after surgical treatment of the spine, hip and knee joints and defects in the development of the osteoarticular system; in diseases of the overload of motor organs and disturbances in blood supply to the bones, chronic neurological diseases associated with dysfunction of the locomotor organ. As part of the rehabilitation programme, we perform treatments in the field of: kinesitherapy, electrotherapy, light therapy and hydrotherapy. The rehabilitation programme also includes massages, health education, relaxation exercises and the self-service instructions and instructions of the use of auxiliary means. A rehabilitation team, which is made up of a physician-specialist in rehabilitation, masters of movement rehabilitation, physiotherapist technicians, a psychiatrist, nurses and an occupational therapist, cooperates with the patient during his stay in the ward, The detailed scope of rehabilitation is determined individually considering the state of health and general well-being of the patient. Each patient can participate in a minimum of 5 treatments during the day, carried out in the morning and afternoons cycles for 6 days a week. The duration of the patient stay in the ward lasts from 3 to 6 weeks (it depends on the patient’s health condition).


Remigiusz Idzikowski M.D.

Head of the Department

Ewa Piotrowska MSc

Departmental Nurse

The basis for treatment in the ward under the National Heath Fund (NFZ) contract is a referral from the physician of such departments as: trauma and orthopedic, surgical, neurosurgical, neurological, rheumatologic, internal diseases, oncological, gynecological, urological, pediatric, cardiological and geriatric departments; doctors of rehabilitation, trauma and orthopedic, neurological and rheumatological counseling (in case of exacerbation of chronic diseases). The patient reports to the department with the referral and test results confirming the diagnosis. The qualification for treatment in the Rehabilitation Department is based on a medical examination carried out by the Head of the Department – every day from 800 to 1200.


67 215 62 71 – under the National Health Fund (NFZ)

67 211 99 55 – private patients

opening hours: 800-1200