The Clinic is located on the ground floor of the main Ars Medical building.

The Clinic is open from Monday to Friday from 730 to 1500.

We provide tests on the day of reporting to the Clinic without prior registration.

Information: 67 212 87 53 or 67 211 99 05

Download: Appointments schedule


Specialists performing health services in the clinic

Marian Maciuba M.D.

Irena Białecka M.D.

Dorota Sagalara M.D.

We co-operate with many companies and institutions supervising working conditions.

We provide on-site all necessary and additional diagnostic tests and specialist consultations.


employees and employers on the basis of an agreement concluded with Ars Medical Sp. z o.o.

employees holding a valid insurance card in a medical centre:

Medicover, LUXMED, Signal Iduna, Enel-Med, Polmed, Damian Centre, Allianz, Falck,

people running their own business

individual customers



  • examination and decision on the ability to work for people employed in positions without determining the harmful factor
  • examination and decision on the ability to work for people employed in positions with specific harmful factors: physical, chemical and biological
  • medical and psychological examination of drivers of road transport and drivers of privileged cars
  • examination of people employed on inland waterway vessels
  • examination of people employed on drilling platforms, in oil and gas exploration companies
  • medical and psychological examinations for persons applying for or possessing a hunting gun license
  • examination of people employed in exposure to ionizing radiation
  • altitude tests
  • consultations of specialist doctors: otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, neurologist, dermatologist and other according to the indications of the occupational medicine doctor
  • laboratory tests
  • spirometric tests
  • audiometric tests
  • psychological examination
  • resting and exercise electrocardiogram ECG
  • stool analysis for the presence
  • examination “seeing dusk-glare”


The examination takes place after presenting the ID card and a valid referral signed by the authorized person. The examination can also be performed on the basis of an application for the prophylactic care of the person concerned.
The duration of the examination depends on the workplace and the occurrences of risks:

– within 1 hour we perform a test for sanitary and epidemiological purposes (with the current outage of faeces) and people employed in positions without a specific risk factor

– examinations of persons employed in positions where specialized consultations are required last up to a maximum of 5 hours.

The detailed scope of research and consultations depends on the job position and on the harmful factors present in a given position.


  • visits in the workplace by the occupational medicine physician,
  • participation of the occupational medicine physician in meetings of the health and safety committee
  • training in first aid
  • medical opinions regarding accidents at work
  • consultancy and analysis of employees’ health condition
  • participation of the occupational medicine physician in the development of occupational risk assessment cards
  • protective vaccinations


We have a specialized diagnostic base, thanks to which we can perform many additional diagnostic tests at your request:
for men over 40 years of age PSA test (prostate cancer prevention)
spirometry test (for smokers)
lipid profile examination (for all people)
ECG-exercise examination (for people over 40 years of age and in persons employed in decision-making positions)
heart ultrasound (for people after 50 years of age)
abdominal cavity ultrasound (for all persons)
gynecological examination with cytology (for women)
mammographic examination (for women over 40)
breast ultrasound examination (for women from 20 to 40 years of age)