In the Oncology Outpatient Clinic we deal with the diagnostics and treatment of oncological diseases. In our facility, we provide a full range of diagnostic radiological tests, the determination of tumor markers, the necessary laboratory tests in order to establish the diagnosis, histopathological examination of collected specimens; diagnostics for HBV, HCV, HIV. The most common neoplastic diseases of the 21st century are lung, breast and prostate cancer, uterine body, colon and urinary bladder cancer, ovarian and uterine cervix cancer. In the Clinic, patients are provided with comprehensive care during and after the treatment.


Specialists performing health services in the clinic

Renata Surma – Włodarczyk M.D.

Dagmara Troczyńska M.D.

Aleksandra Jasińska M.D.

Izabela Łasińska M.D.

Natalia Frąckowiak M.D.

Ewa Prochowska M.D.

Maciej Jankowski M.D.